The Wenzlick Family

I am Sascha Wenzlick from Ulm, Germany (map). My dad Norbert, who was born in Hessen (map), recently set out to create our family tree online. We stem directly from the root of
all the Wenzlicks in the Czech Republic (map), where my late grandpa Josef Wenzlick had to flee from as a child after WWII.

If you are also a Wenzlick or in any kind of relation to us, it would be great if you could join the Wenzlick family. We work on the family tree (see below), which dates back all the way to 1598, we do research, exchange old documents and photos, and discuss genealogical issues. If you would like to join the e-mail list and the tree, please send a mail to with a brief description of who you are, where you are from and how much you know about the Wenzlicks.

Most of the information and help comes from Gregory Wenzlick, who is a far "uncle" of mine in New Zealand (map) and whom I visited in December 2007. In 1865, his ancestors emigrated from Bohemia, Czech Republic to Puhoi, New Zealand (map) and carried our name around the world, just like the Wenzlicks did that went to the United States. Visit his website to learn everything about our famous ancestors, where the name comes from and lots more.

Hoping to talk to you soon!

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» Sascha Wenzlick

Some screenshots of our family tree:

Wentzelik coat of arms, 1631

My end of the tree (top of page)

The big tree (top of page)

Matthaus Wenzlik, born in 1598 (top of page)